He licks my dirty feet

Milf Mistress Laura: My feet are dirty. I walked barefoot on the terrace the whole time today. Look at the soles of my feet, these are really dirty. You will now lick my feet clean with your tongue. The mix of dirt and foot sweat will taste great. You’ll like my serve, because you are a will-less foot slave.

The comfortable thing about being a mistress is that I even have a living doormat. I walked barefoot on my terrace the day and my feet are very dirty. The foot slave has to lie on the floor as a doormat and I put my bare dirty feet on his face. My feet are kept so warm and I rub my dirty feet on his face. He has to lick the soles of my dirty feet and nibble the dirt off the soles; his face is like a doormat to me. I relax and ignore the foot slave. He must neither moan nor move. It’s just a doormat, after all.