I annoy the slave under my fragrant socks

Miss Maria J .: I annoy the slave under my fragrant socks.
The slave is tied up at my feet and I have taped his mouth shut. I take off my Doc Martens boots and let him smell my stiffeners first. He has to straighten the dirty soles and then also into my boots. Then I start teasing and teasing under my scented socks. He has to breathe through his nose and that’s why I press my socks onto his nose so that he has to inhale the scent of my socks. His whining is a bit annoying and I’m starting to ignore him. I’d rather watch chat messages than see how he must smell my socks. But afterwards it can also serve as a sock washing machine and lick my socks thoroughly. I also take the tape off his mouth for this. After all, he should not only inhale the scent, but also enjoy the taste.