He may lick my feet and spit! I teach him how to lick feet!

15 minutes of a little sweet devils foot worship & spitting session

Miss Kinga:
I may look like a sweet little girl, but the devil is in me. I now sit on the slave and teach him how to lick feet. As a greeting, he is allowed to lick my dirty sneakers and clean them with his tongue. The dirt of my shoes garnished with my spit 🙂 haha. He also gets my old, fragrant socks in his slave’s face. My socks are so old that there is already a big hole in the heel. He can suck the dirt and sweat out of my socks. Am I satisfied? Not quite. I show my dissatisfaction by continuing to spit in his face. Of course I enjoy a slave tongue on my bare sweet feet. He has to lick every inch of my sweet feet. Also between the toes. And what are my feet garnished with? Correct: With my spit!! 🙂 Then I rub the spit through his face with my bare feet. That is right and good for a slave.