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Princess Serena: After walking barefoot through the basement, he has to lick my dirty feet clean. I was barefoot in the basement and my feet got really dirty. Of course I didn't wipe my feet afterwards because I have a slave

Princess Serena: Choked under my smelly socks. I dominate the loser today under my stiff socks. Even more: I'll suffocate him under my stinky socks. I will take his breath away. He has to inhale the scent of my socks, but

MILF Mistress Norma Jean: Lick my nylon feet! I wear my white nylon stockings and relax on the couch. The slave could give me a foot massage with his tongue after a long day. At the same time he can

Miss Karey: Lick my bare feet! The foot slave is allowed to take off my cleanly licked high heels and then lick my bare, sweaty feet. The soles of my feet taste very salty and my skin is very soft.

Miss Karey: Clean my dusty high heels with your tongue. It's time to use a foot slave to clean my shoes again. My dusty high heels need cleaning. The slave has to lick the dust from the soles of my

Miss Maria J .: I want to ride a face! I've discovered a new preference. When I sat down on a face for the first time, I had the feeling and the desire to ride this face and stick his nose

Milf Mistress Norma Jean: I clean my dirty feet on the slave's face. I find great submission for a slave to use the slave to clean dirty feet. A slave can serve as a doormat and use his tongue as

Miss Karey: For the first time a slave licks my bare feet. It's time for my first time 🙂 The slave will now take off my sweaty socks and then kiss and lick my bare feet while I relax. I take

Goddess Sheila: The slave should suffer from my socks and bare feet. What I especially like is when I have a slave face as a living footrest. Today I let him suffer from my socks and bare, sweaty feet and

Miss Karey: It's the first time a slave has licked my boots! I've heard of foot slaves even licking your dirty boots clean. I try it out and sit on the couch and give the slave the instruction to lick

Milf Mistress Norma Jean: Now my bare feet are washed with the tongue. After the foot slave has licked my dusty ballerinas clean, outer soles and inner soles, he can now massage and wash my bare feet with his tongue.

Milf Mistress Norma Jean: Lick my dusty ballet flats clean! Before I let a foot slave on my bare feet, he first has to prove his submissiveness to me by licking and kissing my shoes. First task: The slave has

Goddess Sheila: Lick my dirty socks while I ignore you! The place of a foot slave is under the feet of his mistress, whether under her bare feet, her shoes, or her socks. I now press my dirty socks into

Goddess Sheila: My old, well-worn Adidas sneakers have to be licked clean. I have a special surprise for you today. Today you will lick my old, often worn Adidas sneakers clean. I particularly value clean shoe soles. Of course, the

Princess Serena: The human bedside rug has to lick my feet. When I get into the bedroom, the first thing I do is take off my sneakers. I'm not wearing any socks today and my feet are sweating in my

Princess Serena: Today I'm playing a new game with my foot slave. I put a beanbag on his body and sat on it. His face then serves as a footrest for me. So it is not only my footrest, but

Milf Mistress Laura L.: After the slave has licked my biking sneakers clean and freed the insole from foot sweat with his tongue, he can now lick my bare feet. My feet are sweaty and have calluses after the bike

MILF Lady Laura: I'm a dance teacher and I play sports every day. Today I was riding my bike and my bike shoes got dirty and dusty. The foot slave can now lick the dust and dirt from my sneakers.

Goddess Sheila: My absolute favorite thing is still when I can trample on a slave. I love those kicks in his face and his reactions. His whining motivates me and spurs me on to step on him harder and harder.

Goddess Sheila: As I told you before, I always use my slaves to lick my shoes and feet clean while I relax. The Skalve can now lick my slippers clean. He has to start with the soles of my shoes

Miss Eagle: I love to watch the foot slave suffer under my feet. I press my bare soles into his slave's face and squeeze hard. He can't get air under my feet and he can't breathe. My feet clasp his

Miss Eagle: Any slave can take a few kicks in the face. The slave is at my feet and I take off my party boots. My bare feet are wet and warm. My feet are sweaty and little lint is

Milf Mistress Laura: My feet are dirty. I walked barefoot on the terrace the whole time today. Look at the soles of my feet, these are really dirty. You will now lick my feet clean with your tongue. The mix