Lick my dusty ballet flats clean

Milf Mistress Norma Jean: Lick my dusty ballet flats clean! Before I let a foot slave on my bare feet, he first has to prove his submissiveness to me by licking and kissing my shoes. First task: The slave has to lick my dusty ballet flats clean. I use these shoes a lot for summer walks and for quick shopping. You can easily slip into these shoes. I also don’t mind that these shoes get dirty or dusty and the insole smells of my sweaty feet. I use the slave’s tongue as a cleaning rag for my shoes and the kisses on the soles of my shoes show me that he is submitting to me as a foot slave. Of course I love it when the foot slave greedily sucks off my insoles and enjoys the salty taste of my feet from lots of shopping and walks.

(english spoken)